This tutorial was inspired by a student who had a colour mixing book for portraits. Since she’s a new student of mine, she’s found colour mixing so much easier and when she sent me a page of the book she was trying to work from previously, I just had to “replicate this” on camera.

The topic is: Colour Mixing Dark Skin Tones


Recipe Type Colour Mixes Can Complicate Things

This video is really about why you shouldn’t rely on “recipe type” of colours mixes because you’ll never be able to match colour to a book. Books are printed on a printing press and colour matches are not accurate.

The paints used are DecoArt Americana Premium Acrylics and I’m using the exact same palette of colours that my student has.

Ultramarine Blue – DTA33
Quinacridone Violet – DTA01
Cadmium Red Hue – DTA04
Cadmium Orange Hue – DTA12
Yellow Oxide – DTA15
Burnt Sienna – DTA09
Carbon Black – DTA37
Titanium White – DTA40

I’m adding Extender Medium (DTAM03) to the DIY wet palette for open time.

What's Your Method?

Do you prefer following a strict recipe or do you like the flexibility to tweak the colour? 

Please share in the comments below.