In this rock painting tutorial, I went on a bit of a rant on “who stole my gesso”. Outside of that, you will learn some rock painting techniques that involve collaging the most unusual stamped tissue on a rounded stone.

This isn’t so much of a lesson on how to paint on a rock, but more to experiment with the technique of collage on stone for outdoor use.

oh yeah and you’ll get to see a little colour experiment I did when looking at choosing the “right red and red/violet”. This inspired me to make wall art of just the colour chart! coming soon 🙂

Thank you Cheryl for sending me some wonderful happy mail.

Ready to make this? Here’s what I used:

I used an oval flat rock and chose stamped tissue that fit it nicely.

Palette: DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics
-Quinacridone Red – DMFA33
-Primary Magenta – DMFA29
-Quinacridone Magenta – DMFA35
-Quinacridone Violet – DMFA34
-Translucent White – DMFA40

Prep and Finish
-DecoArt Media White Gesso – DMM18
-Americana Decou-page Outdoor – DS117

-Aqualon: #5 Shader – 2150
-SoftGrip: #5 Bristle Bright – SG1425

Paper Towels
Grey palette paper
Water Bucket

Rock Painting Tutorial

What did you think?

What is the strangest stamped image that you’ve ever used?  please share your comments below.