If you’re like me, you love to create artist trading cards to share with people you don’t even know.  Maybe it’s the anonymity or maybe because they are quick and easy to make.

Regardless of the reason, when we are making artist trading cards, they are to share in swaps, so making a whole bunch at once is not only easier, but it’s cost effective.  Because your time is worth something too.

Making silhouette artist trading cards are a great way to make a bunch of ATC’s that are easy and fast because you just have to change up the colours to make them similar but unique.  Push it a bit further and just change up the stencil.

In this video, I’m making silhouette artist trading cards with two children holding hands, calling it “Forever Friends”.  I spent some time working the background just right to draw the eye into the card.  

Hope you enjoy it.

Making Silhouette Artist Trading Cards

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silhouette artist trading cards
silhouette artist trading cards

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If you could make these cards and give them to someone special, who would it be?  please share in the comments below.