4 x 4 Swap


Creating 4 x 4 art is easy…remember to have fun.


Cut down to the size in the Theme guidelines below.  You can prep with Gesso or flat acrylic paint if you want.


Paint, collage and/or stamp layers to build up depth.


Make it pretty with rhinestones, flowers, quotes, die-cuts…just that little extra something for an accent.


  • For this 4 x 4 Swap, the theme is “Junk Can Be Beautful”.
  • You are to create only one 4″ x 4″ art piece
  • Use junk items such as cardboard, string, scrap paper, packaging, junk mail, used paper towels, fabric, wire etc.  as the main elements of your piece
  • You can use paint, brushes, a glue gun, medium as usual.
  • The idea is to raid your stash of art stuff and use what you have that’s been sitting there for a long time.
  • Stuff you bought or were gifted and you don’t like it, or it’s not your style…use it.
  • Stuff you don’t like…use it.
  • Stuff you think is ugly…use it.
  • Stuff in your blue box or recycle bin…use it.
  • You can create the art on a 4x4 piece of cardboard, masonite, heavy watercolour paper or canvas.  Remember that the thicker it is, the more expensive it will be to ship, but at the same time, use a base that won’t fall apart if you use a lot of embellishments.
  • You can use store bought embellishments if you want.
  • You can include a quote or journaling passage if you’d like
  • Glue a label to the back of the art piece with your name, the theme name of the swap and date.
  • You can include a short note to your partner a bit about yourself and your creation – this is optional.

Join the Swap!

Join this swap and create an 4″ x 4″ piece of art based on the theme described above.

  • Deadline to join the swap:  January 15th at 6pm EST.
  • You will receive your swap partner contact information:  within 24 hours of the closing time
  • The 4 x 4 art piece must be mailed before:  January 30th
  • You will receive a 4 x 4 art piece from the same person you are sending to.
  • You are to email your swap partner when the 4 x 4 art piece has been mailed.
  • Please do not join the swap if you haven’t finished a previous swap.  There is nothing more frustrating than receiving an email that someone didn’t get a swap card from their partner with the excuse “I didn’t have time”
  • Deadlines for swap are shortened down to 2 weeks to help people avoid procrastination.
  • The best way to avoid procrastination syndrome is to create the art piece first, then signup.

This swap is closed, click here for current swaps taking place.