52 Pickup

Artist Trading Card Swap


Are you a newbie?

Never created an ATC or participated in a swap before?  
don’t worry, this swap is super simple.


Cut down to the size in the Theme guidelines below.  You can prep with Gesso or flat acrylic paint if you want.


Paint, collage and/or stamp layers to build up depth.


Make it pretty with rhinestones, flowers, quotes, die-cuts…just that little extra something for an accent.



  • For this ATC Swap, the theme is “52 Pickup – Love and Hearts in 2016”.
  • You are to create only one Artist Trading Card
  • In celebration that we are coming to the end of 2016, choose any card in the deck that is based on “hearts” and design it based on something you absolutely loved doing in 2016.
  • You can create the ATC using a deck of cards, they are very, very cheap at the $store and they are already sized perfectly and are thick.  If you don’t have a deck of cards to use, you will make one ATC that is 2.5″ x 3.5″.  You can collage a free printable found at The Graphics Fairy website, use scrapbook paper or stamps or hand draw/paint a playing card with hearts.
  • The face of the card design can be semi transparent or shown
  • You can include a quote or journaling passage if you’d like
  • Glue a label to the back of the card with your name, the theme name of the swap and date.
  • There will be future ATC swaps using decks of cards, so they won’t be wasted.  You can also use your cards for any other theme based swap.
  • Side Note:  Using an actual deck of cards will save you time and money when it comes to preparation.

Join the Swap!

Join this swap and create an ATC based on the theme described above.

  • Deadline to join the swap:  December 30th at 6pm EST.
  • You will receive your swap partner contact information on:  January 1st
  • The ATC must be mailed before:  January 20th
  • You will receive an ATC from the same person you are sending to.
  • You are to email your swap partner when the ATC has been mailed.

This swap is closed, click here for current swaps taking place.