Swap Theme – Hand-Painted Love Card

Read Before Signing Up

  • For this swap, the theme is “Hand Painted Love Card“.
  • Type is:  4x6 painting
  • Create a little painting in any style you want to represent “love”..  Can be what you love, love in general, cute, funny and even vintage or steampunk romance. 
  • This is not a mixed media piece, it must be 100% painted.  No embellishments, no collage, no stamping.  It’s only a painting.  You can have pencil or liner sketches done first and that can show through the painting.  Such as pen and ink with watercolour/acrylics.
  • Use any medium you choose, as long as it’s 100% dry before mailing.
  • The base can be cardboard, watercolor/acrylic paper, canvas paper, masonite etc. Anything that is study and won’t bend in the mail.
  • The painting is to be on one side only.
  • The other side is to include your name, the date and the swap name.
  • The painting is to be mailed in an envelope to the partner I will assign the day after the swap deadline.
  • You only need to create one swap piece.
  • The words “I’m not good enough” are not allowed in the decision of whether or not to participate.
  • Many swappers include extra “happy mail” with their swap such as paper bits, tissue etc.  Please note that this is not mandatory.   
  • IMPORTANT:  Please create your swap piece first, THEN signup.  This ensures I don’t have to keep creating extra pieces or relying on Angel swappers to make up extras.

Join the Swap!

Create an art piece based on the theme described above, then join the swap.

  • You must sign up before FEBRUARY 19th.
  • You will receive your swap partner details the afternoon of FEBRUARY 20th
  • The swap art must be mailed before:  FEBRUARY 28th.
  • You will receive swap art from the same person you are sending to.
  • You are to email your swap partner when the swap art has been mailed.
  • Before signing up, make sure you have read the section above.

This swap is now closed.

Come back on the 1st of the month.