The Hands Project




  • For this swap, the theme is “The Hands Project”.
  • Inspired by Carol Raven and this is how she was inspired

    “I chose to use my hands as a way of expressing positive things about myself and my life because we see our hands more than any other part of our body; but our brain tends to ignore the sight, focusing instead on what our hands are doing.  As infants, our hands were the first part of our body we saw, our first playthings, the first things we learned to control. Our hands are amazing, and I wanted to honor that. We deserve to give ourselves a hand!”

  • For this swap, you are to trace the outline of your hand onto a substrate, such as cardboard, watercolour paper, thick cardstock etc.  Cut it out and create the art piece on that OR you can create the backgrounds first, then trace the outline of your hand and cut that out.
  • On each finger and thumb, write or collage one word that describes something positive about yourself.  Examples:  jolly, outspoken, creative, sharing, exciting etc.
  • If you’re stuck on what to create for backgrounds, check out my Book of Backgrounds project (in the top menu).  52 free background lessons that are perfect for this type of project.
  • You only need to create one art piece which is sized to the outline of your hand.
  • It’s suggested that you create something using your favourite techniques, subjects and materials so your partner gets to know you a little bit better based on what you create.
  • If you are looking for free printables for collage, you can find a great selection at The Graphics Fairy website.
  • Make sure you write your name, swap theme and date on the back of your swap piece.  You can also include a short paragraph letting your partner know a bit more about you, the inspiration for this project of maybe your favourite poem.
  • The words “I’m not good enough” is not allowed in the decision of whether or not to participate.

Join the Swap!

Join this swap and create an art piece based on the theme described above.

  • You will receive your swap partner details on April 30th
  • The Hands Project art piece must be mailed before:  May 7th
  • You will receive an anything goes art piece from the same person you are sending to.
  • You are to email your swap partner when the swap piece has been mailed.

This swap is closed, click here for current swaps taking place.