The Book of Backgrounds Project

The Book of Backgrounds project helps you get past the blank page syndrome and have backgrounds ready in an instant when you have a creative idea.  Each background has it’s own full tutorial, some short, some long and can be used to create backgrounds for any type art, whether it’s art journaling, mixed media, landscapes, wildlife or portraits.  The 2018 project will be starting soon, so you can get a feel for past backgrounds below.

Using Waxed Paper as a Painting Tool

In this Book of Backgrounds session, you will learn how to work with acrylics and metallic paint using waxed paper as the painting tool for the visual texture.

Paint Splatter Flowers Garden Book Cover – Book of Backgrounds 2016, Number 51

Making a paint splatter flower garden book cover for all my book of background pages has got to be one of my favourites so far.

I wanted to create the flowers as little speech bubbles so I could write short inspiring words of the journey once it’s completed in phase two. Using printed papers in the background adds just enough interest from plain paint to something quite unique.

How to Make a Stencil and Collage Book Cover – Book of Backgrounds 2016, Number 50

After creating 49 book of background pages, we finally get to make a stencil and collage book cover.

We’ve finally made it!

This will be the inside front cover so I can do a bit of writing on the inside about the journey. To keep things simple, you can use any heavy cardstock, masonite or corrugated cardboard. We’ll use printed paper as the background and stencil tinted modeling page for a simple accent. Keep the stencil and collage book cover simple as the embellishing will really make the page pop in phase two.