The Texture Experiment

Who says girls can’t have fun playing with plaster!

In this two part video, I put on my mad scientist lab coat and work on some texture experiments

When you walk into an art store, you’re blinded by all the art products and tools on the shelf.  With rising costs, wouldn’t it be nice to know if “product a” is going to be something you’ll enjoy using?

That’s where I come in… in this Texture Experiment, I’m going to show you a whole bunch of texture products by DecoArt and apply them to simple file folder paper and old book paper primed with gesso.

You’ll get to see how I apply the texture, the properties and adding some colour.

Sept, 2016
DecoArt Texture Fierro
Applying DecoArt Texture Fierro on roughly painted watercolour paper can give you some amazing results.
All Artwork by Gisèle Grenier
Texture Fierro stenciled onto a piece of watercolour paper painted with Traditions Carbon Black acrylics.
Using a palette knife, you can apply more than one colour of Texture Fierro to your substrate.  It’s like frosting a cake, but in my case, it’s like applying drywall plaster.

There are so many different ways to use texture, so why don’t I just show you some pictures, you can watch the videos and see how the experiment went.

Side Note:  I found out after the videos were all done that DecoArt has discontinued Texture Glass, which is an utter shame because I used it all the time.

Ready to Experiment?
In the first video, we explore the mediums in their raw form.

Supplies Used:


  • Manilla file folders cut down in size
  • Old book paper

DecoArt Texture Products (the Media line is what I’m currently using)

  • Modeling Paste
  • Texture Fine
  • Texture Thick
  • Texture Glass
  • Texture Fierro
  • Texture Terra Cotta

DecoArt Media

  • Texture Sand Paste – DMM23
  • Modeling Paste – DMM21
  • Matte Medium – DMM20
  • Crackle Paste White – DMM17
  • Crackle Paint White – DMM15
  • White Gesso – DMM18

DecoArt Dimensional Effects – DS109

Stencil for Demonstration:

  • DecoArt Andy Skinner Mixed Media Stencil – Snake’s Web – Andy55


  • Royal Soft-Grip, #8 Bristle Bright

General Supplies:

  • Palette Knife/Trowel
  • No Stick Mat
  • Paper Towel
  • Baby/Kitchen Wipes

In the second video, you’ll see what the finished piece looks like and then I’ll add some colour.

Supplies Used:

DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics

  • Quinacridone Magenta – DMFA35
  • Titan Buff – DMFA38

DecoArt Traditions Artist Acrylics

  • Sapphire Ble – DAT27
  • Titanium White – DAT35

DecoArt Americana Decor Chalky Finish

  • Innocence – ADC05
  • Smitten – ADC08

DecoArt Metallic Lustre

  • Rose Gold – ML15C
  • Brilliant Turquoise – ML11c

DecoArt Glass Stain – Orange – GLS04

DecoArt Glamour Dust – Crystal – DAS37

DecoArt Stencil – 3″ Simple Script Alphabet – AS110


  • Royal Soft-Grip, #8 Bristle Bright
  • Royal Aqualon
    • 1/2″, 3/4″ 1″ Wash/Glaze – 2700
    • #5 Round – 2250
    • #4, 10 Shader – 2150
  • Clear Choice Stencil Brushes
    • 1/2″ & 3?16″ (green handle) – 1111
    • 5/16″ (yellow handle) – 1113

General Supplies:

  • No Stick Mat
  • Paper Towel
  • Baby/Kitchen Wipes
So there you have it… these types of experiments are really the only way to learn what products can do for you.  While I was doing the experiments for you, I was making mental notes on the different thinks I could do with the demo pieces.  Cut them out into ATC’s, create Art mini’s, tags and shapes, collage, hang, layer.. so many different ideas.
What did you think of this demonstration?  Please comment below and share what your biggest takeaway was.