I was preparing to host a rock painting party with kids and although I love the kids in the group, I wasn’t going to use my premium paints and brushes. Off Joe and I went to the dollar store and surprise, surprise…Joe found some DecoArt Crafters Acrylic paints, which I’ve never used before. Also picked out some brushes.

Went back to pick up three different colours that were closer to my limited palette and I’ve come up with a paint palette and brushes that added up to $18.25 Canadian. In some upcoming videos, I’ll be doing some paintings using these supplies as an experiment to see what I can actually create.

As well, I’m creating two paintings, one with the thrifty supplies and another with the professional supplies, next Monday, I’ll be holding a draw to see which you can identify and yup, there’s a prize involved.

Here’s What You’ll Need

Here’s what paints I used to create the colour chart (

Palette: DecoArt Crafters Acrylics (total $12 CDN)
-White – DCA01
-Black – DCA47
-Bright Yellow – DCA49
-Pure Pumpkin – DCA08
-Christmas Red – DCA20
-Lavender – DCA26*
-Tropical Blue – DCA102*
-Christmas Green – DCA37*

I ended up removing the last three paints and replacing them with:
-Peacock Blue – DCA80 (closest to Ultramarine Blue)
-Hunter Green 0 DCA41 (closest to Phthalo Green, but not as bright)
-Cinnamon Brown (closest to Burnt Sienna)

The brushes were picked up in three packages totalling $6.25 CDN.
Synthetic flats, rounds, bristle flats and rounds.

other supplies: paper towels/baby wipes/kitchen wipes, mason jar to clean brushes, ivory soap to clean brushes, wax paper/freezer paper/palette paper, mister bottle to keep paints moist if your environment is hot and dry.

Need ideas on what to paint on..newspaper, kraft paper, cardboard packaging, binder paper etc.

Time for a challenge...

If you’d like to challenge me to create a painting using the supplies shown, comment below with the challenge and I’ll take it on.