Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You visit the $store and see some really nice “things” pick them up and feel pretty happy on the money you saved.  

Get them home, put them out and what you bought looks pretty good right?  after a while, things are peeling, cracking, fading and just plain telling you that “you get what you pay for”.  

Don’t feel bad, this was me 100% with these candle jars that I bought.  

They were originally plaster styled citronella candle jars that has a plastic film with a vintage postage print on it. Looked pretty, but 15 minutes after lighting the candles, the plastic started to peel off.

After cursing that I fell into the $store trap, I peeled everything off, gave it a light sanding and primed it with a few light, but even coats of Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint – Treasure. Then Joe said “hey, why don’t you film this so other people can get some ideas”. duh me… I should have known this.

So here we go…from this point forward, the experiment begins.

Upcycling Candle Jars

Ready to Give This a Try?

Upcycling Candle Jars

Ok, time to be brutally honest.

Have you recently bought something from the $ store and regretted it?  Share your comments below so we can all learn some ideas on how we can upcycle and not send it to landfill.  yes, I’m being a tree-huggin’ hippy right now 🙂