Have you ever found yourself stuck wanting to create something for someone special and you just didn’t have a clue what to make that was really nice, but quick and easy?  

I got caught up in that recently, spending so much time creating new art classes for my students in The Studio, I totally forgot that I had wanted to make something for my grand kids Ava and Wolfe.  

After the first 30 seconds of calling myself a bad grand-ma for letting time get past me, I sat down and starting to think of what I could make.  Wolfe’s project is in an upcoming blog post, so just going to focus on Ava for this one.

Since the family moved into a new house up north, and the kids have so many toys, I thought it would be nice to make something for Ava’s bedroom.  She loves ballet and knowing what her recitle costume looks like, I thought I’d make something along the same theme and you’ll get to see how I work through it so you can make something for yourself too.

I’m going to use a stencil to create dramatic art that is quick, easy and honestly, can be done with very little art skills…so anyone can do it.

Simply pick just a few colours, a stencil and a few brushes.

That’s it!

Now, in the video, I do go over detailed instructions on how to create the design, but take all the talking, technique lessons and drying time out, you can make something like this in under 20 minutes.

Take a gander at the video and see how easy this project was to make.



Quick and Easy Project
Using a Stencil to Create Dramatic Art

Ready to Make This?

Using a stencil to create dramatic art

What did you think?

If you had to create art for someone you didn’t know, do you have a stencil that you could use that is generic enough, but can create a dramatic impression?  Please share in the comments below.