Time.. where is the time to be creative? 

  • You’re on Pinterest looking at all these pretty pictures of  word art, motivational and inspirational quote art.
  • You’re on YouTube watching other people making their word art.
  • You’re on a ton of Facebook groups with so much activity, that it just sucks the time and energy out of you, when all you want is create.
  • You’re inspired and motivated by THE IDEA of making art, but when you think about all you have to prepare, buy and setup, you say ” I don’t have time right now, I’ll do it some other day”.

But “some other day” never seems to show up.

What if YOU just need a bit of focused inspiration to get you creating your own custom art that’s quick and easy?

What if YOU were able to create a piece of art where you could experiment with minimal effort?

If I could show you how to create a small piece of word art that can be totally customized to what you like, with the skills you have, in under 30 minutes, would you try it?   


Ready to Try This?

Here is what I used:

Substrate:  Book of Backgrounds #46 (you can use any background, even a magazine page, newspaper… anything)


DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics

  • Phthalo Blue (PB15:2) – DMFA23
  • Transparent Red Iron Oxide (PR101) – DMFA41
  • Titanium White (PW6) – DMFA39

DecoArt Metallic Lustre – Iced Espresso – ML06C

Mediums:  DecoArt Media Matte Medium – DMM20

Stencil: DecoArt Americana Decor:  Live – ADS308

Collage Material:  a paper napkin

Brushes:  stencil or bristle brush and a flat synthetic brush

General Supplies:

  • water container
  • palette paper
  • paper towels/baby wipes


Alternatives are listed below the video.

word art

Hints of Gold Texture

word art

Use a Favourite Napkin

Word Art Based on Inspirational Quotes

Here are some alternatives that you can use:

  • Substrate:  you can use tissue box cardboard, food packaging…anything that’s sturdy with some type of pattern on it
  • Paint:  use any blue and red that’s transparent – here’s a blog post on “how to make paint transparent without using water.”
  • Matte Medium:  collage medium or transparent school glue
  • Napkin:  magazine page or digital print found online – you can find the most amazing napkins at the $ store
  • Stencil:  use your computer to print a quote, cut it out and use the cutout as your own stencil, or use the cutout pieces and glue that onto your substrate

It’s not about using the exact same things that I am.

  • use what you have
  • use your favourite things
  • take a break from social media for 30 minutes to create a piece of art that will bring you joy

I have a question for you...

If I gave this word art to you, who would you give it to?  Please share in the comments below.