How many times have you heard your inner critic, that little voice telling you that what you are making isn’t any good? maybe that voice said that nobody will like the art, don’t do this, don’t do that, that looks dumb and my favourite.. you look stupid on camera.

As a creative, your inner critic or that inside voice almost becomes part of your life and we expect that voice to be there…almost looking for it to start speaking, criticizing and even starting an argument.

In this “Creative Thoughts and Talk” video, I’ll share what my inner critic did to me, what I did to “let it go” and a huge shout out to Curt Worrell who created a short video on how to quiet the inner critic in your head.

You’re a Creative, so Squash That Inner Critic

Quiet that Inner Critic in Your Head

by Curt Worrell

Do you have an inner critic?

Curt calls his inner critic “Chris”.  I have a much more creative name for mine which includes a swear word.   Do you have a name for your inner critic?  please share in the comments below.